Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy, Busy!

I always put these pictures in reverse order...think I'd learn!...ANYway, We had a very busy, fun Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with Magaw, Papaw, Aunt Erika, Uncle Joe, Cousin Ellie, Cousin Jake, & Aunt Tammy. Grace wore her Baby's 1st Christmas outfit & way-too-big red shoes. We then headed up north to Flora on Friday for Christmas with the Seelman/Hall side. Uncle John & Sara got to meet Grace...I guess I didn't take any photos...someone did...We got to see lots of family on Saturday as well. Then church on Sunday & dad left for work...Grace & I stayed in Flora until today & got to visit with lots of friends. It's good to be back home though!

Landrey, Courtney, & Baby Grace...Landrey can say, "Baby Grace sleeping" Very cute!

Hard at work with Grandpa Seelman.

Andrew's first attempts at feeding his daughter. Grace had slept nearly 5 1/2 hrs one night (now I know not to let her do) & momma needed to get rid of some of the excess...which turned out to be a nice thing...we might try this more often.

Great Grandma Hall holding Grace for the first time. They really hit it off! Love at 1st sight!

Jake decided that maybe he would like to hold Grace. This was his first time holding her...conveniently, he was about to get in trouble...but Grace has a way of saving her big cousin from impending doom.

Ellie helped open all of Grace's Christmas presents.

Catching some rays on Christmas Day!

Ridiculously large red shoes as mentioned above...they matched! :)

Update on us: Grace was weighed again today with little progress. She's now 7lbs. 6oz...still not up to birth weight. So, we are going to wake our sleeping baby even more often (every 2hrs during day & 3-4 at night) and have her seen & weighed next week. Cross your fingers...I'm wanting to stay away from supplementing as long as we can.
I went to the doctor on Friday & got a lot of questions answered. I really like my new doctor & trust that he is going to take good care of me. I get blood checked weekly & dosage adjusted as needed. My leg has been quite sore & painful the past couple of days...he said that was normal. Yea! I don't actually see him again for 2 months.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Day

Maggie loves Baby Grace!

Tara's little one...Noah...He's getting so big!

Tara & Baby Grace

Grace had her first doctors appointment today. We just had to dress her up...it's a big day! This little dress was given to her by Great Great Aunt Dolores from Pensacola. She looked adorable...A rare screamin' fit makes it all the cuter!

She weighed 7lbs. 4oz...which was the same weight as when she left the hospital. So, didn't gain but didn't lose. The doctor seemed okay with this...she needs to be weighed next week to make sure she's gaining. Her length was the same...21.5". She's been eating every 3.5-4hrs. for about 45 min. at each session. Her doctor would like for her to eat every 3hrs during the day & every 4hrs. during the night for 30min. at a time. SO,...that means we will be waking our sleepy baby...maybe I'll give Andrew that job! :)

Update on Momma: The blood work from Monday showed that my blood was way too thin. I guess it was twice as thin as the goal. Weird...anyway, I'm off of injections...which is wonderful and no Coumadin until tomorrow evening. I go Friday early am to the lab for blood work & then to the doctor mid-morning for appointment. Hopefully they will get the blood level where they want it quickly...kinda freaks me out being too thick or too thin!

Can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! Love it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Bath, Grandpa Visits, Good Girl

Friday night we gave Baby Grace her first bath at home. She absolutely hated it! So much that it scared the pee out of her...literally!

Grandpa Seelman got to come down to see her yesterday. It was very special to see my daddy holding my baby...

Grace had lots and lots of other visitors yesterday too...and darn mom didn't get pictures! Erin, Hayley, Courtney, Tracy, Lindy, & Emily P. came down to see her & take me out to lunch. It sure meant a lot to see all of them. Emily S. came by too...can't wait for her & Molly to meet. Tammy stopped by too...and Magaw came to give Andrew & I some much needed sleep.

I know, I know braggin isn't polite...but I have to brag. Grace was wonderful last night. She ate at 11:00 down by 12:00...up again at 2:00 down at 3:00 until 6:00!...then down by 7:00 and up again at 8:30. I can handle a night like that! No crying...just eat & sleep!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

We're Home!

We made it home yesterday (Thursday) around 2:30 with the new addition. Grace was welcomed by Grandma Seelman, Magaw & Papaw, Erika, Ellie & Jake. Murphy has only seen her from a distance. I think we'll gradually let the two of them meet. Last night was rough...my sweet, sleep for 4 hrs. straight girl had gas! I felt just awful for her. We didn't get any sleep. Andrew worked 12am-8am and this is how they were when I got up...so cute!

Today has been much, much better. She's back to her content self. We just now know that she must be burped for a long time after eating...I've learned that something will come out of either end if we are patient! :) I had to go to the hospital lab for blood work today...oh, joy...the injections are going fine...I'm kinda being a baby about it though! My leg is awful sore today but I'm sure it's because I hadn't been using it at all for the past week.

That's it for now! Thanks for caring so much about us!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grace Lauryn Schwengel

Grace's Birth Story
On Monday afternoon I started having consistent contractions & by 7:00 they officially called it active labor. I was taken off of Heparin at 9:00 & needed to be off of it for 4hrs. Then they checked my blood to make sure it had "thickened up". I would not be offered an epidural until the risk of bleeding was gone. We got the results at 1:00am that my blood levels were normal so they called in the anesthesiologist. My doctor had warned me that he was going to drag his heels about doing this epidural but there was documented proof that I was under no more risk than someone without a massive blood clot. The minute the anesthesiologist walked in the room I knew he was against it. I was already at 5-6cm then & in quite a bit of pain. He told me that I was at a 50% chance of developing a spinal hematoma after delivery from the epidural which could lead to me being paralyzed permanently. I wanted to know why, since my levels are normal, I would be at anymore of a risk than anyone else. His answer was because I had been on Heparin. I said but it's all out of my system now. He said, well, you've gone throught 2 half-lives and the appear normal but not to bank on it. Andrew asked about re-checking my levels to confirm...and he said, no, it's already been checked. Now, I was in a lot of pain...but that made no sense to me at all. I asked him if he had ever done an epidural on someone in my situation...he had not. I asked him if he was a Christain (thinking maybe we could pray about it...) and he said he was...but this had nothing to do with God. At that point, I was done with him...through my scared little tears, I said...that's it then, I'll just do it natural. I told him atleast 5x that was my decision...then he said if I changed my mind to ask for him. I really just don't think he wanted his name anywhere on my chart...everyone is scared of me & my big 'ole blood clot. Then at 3:00...I'm now about a 7, I think...He came back in and asked again if I wanted it (I'm pretty sure Dr. Gates asked him to...he wasn't happy with how things went down...or quite possibly he heard me screaming down the hall) I was beyond annoyed...I said what are you doing here...I said I didn't want it. So, things get a little fuzzy from here on out... It was really, really painful... I am so proud of my husband & family for standing by my side. Andrew has blown me away by his love & care...He has done above & beyond what I think either one of us ever thought we'd have to do. I know it must of been just awful knowing how much pain I was in & not being able to help me at all. Thankfully, I would say the worst of it lasted only 2 1/2-3 hours. And at 5:41 a.m., our beautiful, healthy baby girl arrived & the room changed from a war zone to pure JOY! She weighed 7lbs 12.2oz, 21.5" long...very long & lean. Both sets of parents and Erika were there to welcome her. We are just in awe of her...she's been a wonderful baby...never cries, eats every 4hrs...perfect...so worth all the effort it took to get her here.
They put me right back on Heparin after delivery to prevent the clot from moving. I'm also on an oral dose of Coumadin...they told me I would be here for another 5 days...but!!!!...they decided today there was no reason I couldn't be on injections & oral meds at home... The new Schwengel family is going home tomorrow!!! (as long as my levels stay put) I tell ya what, I'm certainly looking forward to not getting stabbed every 6hrs! The blood clot will not go away for several months...one doc thought it could be up to 6 months. I can resume daily activities but no exercising until told otherwise.
Praise God for all His blessings! And thank you for all your prayers...we have felt truly loved!

I love this picture...It was finally over!...We did it!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday--One Day Overdue

Well, last night wasn't any better...stupid back pain... But today has been so much better. I actually put on make-up! Yet my hair hasn't been washed since Thursday...beautiful! The contractions are getting stronger & more regular as of 3:30pm...Whether I'll go into active labor or not is the question. Andrew had to go to work tonight. We had it all planned out of course...he was going to stay home with me throughout the weekend & today until work 4-12am. Which did happen, I suppose, just not with a little baby too!

I'm really ready to deliver this baby...just a little nervous about the clot. They say that pushing shouldn't be a problem...but I can't get it out of my head that it'll make it move. And as soon as they are sure I'm not bleeding, I'll be put right back on the Heparin.

The nurse checked me around 1:00 & I was 90% effaced, 0 station, 1cm dilated. PROGRESS!

Thank you so much for all your thoughts & prayers...I feel taken care of!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday...Actual Due Date!

Last night was kinda rough again with lots of back pain again. I took all the pain meds they'd let me have! But today was much, much better...I felt more like myself & not half-drugged & out of it. I woke up with harder contractions which have continued throughout the day...but absolutely no regularity...so go figure! :) I started having pain in my hip...it felt like an extension of my back pain so we were rubbing it (well, Andrew was rubbing it!) & it made it hurt worse...so I told the nurse & she's thinking it's part of the blood clot...so don't rub it. Who knows...they let the on-call doctor & hospitalist know...they both agreed that we wouldn't change the treatment in any way if the blood clot had in fact moved up into hip...so why test for it. (thanks for saving us some $$$)

My doctor is back on call tomorrow morning...it'll be good to see him. Maybe Grace will decide to come see us! They'd really like for her to wait a few more days. Andrew and I have to keep reminding ourselves that some good WILL come from this...and our relationship has been strengthened by all the madness...he's done stuff for me that he didn't think he'd been doing until we were in our 80s! :) Good man...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Um...Some Complications...

Where to start, where to start...Here we go...
Andrew & I arrived at the hospital as scheduled for the induction. Yadda, yadda...morning comes, I'd be contracting every 3-5 minutes, Dr. Gates came in & wanted to break my water. Well, apparently I'd gotten an infection & it was far too painful for him to examine me...what examining he got done showed that I was not dilated but a fingertip. Failed induction. We decided to just head home & wait for nature to take it's course (which I was more comfortable with anyway). I asked him to look at my leg before he left. Monday I had noticed a small, tender bump on my left leg & had him look at it at my appointment. He thought it looked superficial, not concerned...just watch it. And I had been, it got redder & bigger & spread to my upper leg...but didn't look horrible. And I wasn't too concerned at all.
Dr. Gates looked at it & wanted me to get an ultrasound prior to heading home. The ultrasound revealed a large blood clot in the deep central vien of my left leg. (DVT) It extends from above my calf to up in my groin. I knew that this was very serious but I didn't really get how serious until Dr. Gates layed it all out on the line. (I'll spare you the scary details) Normally, you just give Coumadin for this thin the blood & the clot gets broken down & you're fine. Can't do that when you are pregnant...but you can take Heparin...it just doesn't work as quickly. So, needless, to say, we did not get to go home. I will be on a heparin drip for the next 5-7 days here in the hospital. Grace is absolutely perfect...just not ready to be born. Which is what they want. If I go into labor they will stop the Hep so I can get my blood back to a safe level. I guess this is pretty rare. Dr. Gates has treated 3 in the last 10yrs.
I felt fine most of yesterday until the evening & my back started killing me! (oh, by the way...the contractions slowed & got irregular) So, we loaded up on pain killers last night...and they found a UTI...after ruling out kidney stones by ultrasound...so I'm on meds for that too. I've had several of faint moments today with vomitting...don't know why...Falling apart!
So, anywho...I will be on hospital bed rest for the next weekish...good thing they have wi-fi! Our spirits are good...just not at all what we expected. God surely works in mysterious ways...I was taking hot baths & massaging my leg daily...the exact thing NOT to do with blood clots. I told Dr. Gates that I wouldn't have come to the hospital with my leg. I thought in my head that the only way I was going to the hospital was if I was in labor. We can only praise God for His control over our lives and that he works all things for the good of those who love & honor Him. :)
And we are still looking forward to the birth (crazy birth!) of our first baby! Will try to update if things change!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Day (Cross our fingers!) of Pregnancy

We played around a little with "the belly"... I know I said I'd never post pictures of the bare belly...but what can I say...It's quite the sight! And if Andrew endures silly mustache pictures with class...I can handle a few precious preggo pix! :) We'll be heading to the hospital in 2ish hours!!! Please pray for an easy delivery & healthy baby!!! Andrew doesn't know how to blog...so I probably won't get to update by blog until we arrive home...with baby in tow!
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Monday, December 8, 2008


We went to the doctor today...absolutely no change! He's not on call anytime this week (after hours) or this weekend...SO, he suggested that we consider an induction. I was personally opposed to the idea of a pre-due date induction. But for some reason was perfectly fine with a post-due date induction. I had this whole schpeel in my head about how God created her & he should be the one to decided her Birthday...not us. Well, do you see where I'm going with this?... The doctor is on the phone with the hospital & he's talking to us while he's talking with them & it's all very confusing...and the med student is asking me questions too...and before I knew it...

We are scheduled to go in at 8:00 pm on Thursday and start the whole process...with the hope that she will be delivered on Friday, December 12th. It all happened so fast! There is a chance that the hospital will be filled with woman actually in labor & I'll get cancelled. If that is the case I'm also down for an induction on the 16th. Of course, I could, in fact, go into labor all on my own before Thursday night...so pure chaos at the Schwengel household. Andrew & I are FREAKING OUT!!! (in a very excited, nervous way)

Oh, the picture above is of Grace's coming home outfit! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 days & Counting!

Yes...Murphy definitely knows something is up...He climbed up on the couch the other night. Issac came over for Jacque's Potato Soup & a movie. Murph thought he needed to be with the big boys...better viewing.

We went to the doctor yesterday...70% effaced, no dilation. Dang! I thought for sure I would be a little bit! I try to restrain from asking our doctor all those questions he can't answer (I get enough of that myself!)...So, instead, I just answer them for him..."No way to tell when this is all going to happen, right?" "Can't really tell how big she is without ultrasound, right?" "I'm looking pretty typical for a first pregnancy, right?" "Puking is still 'normal' at this point, right?"

Until next week...or sooner if something does happen!!!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Old Baby

Well, time is slowly ticking away...Murph's days of being our baby are numbered. He's been awful whiny lately...I think he knows something's up. (by the way, he hated being held like that)

We went to the Doc today (37 weeks) and no change from last week...no dilation, 50% effaced...everything looks good. I have a feeling this baby is going to make me wait for her. Andrew's prediction is the 21st (one week overdue)...thanks, Honey. Mine is the 16th...2 days overdue. I've been feeling pretty good during the day...but then as soon as I try to go to sleep...instantly nauseated. Yes, folks, that's right...huggin' the toilet again. So, yes, I'm definitely countin' down the days for Miss Grace's birth day.

Hope all is well with you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

She Can Come Now!

After lots of work & organizing...I think we're ready! Baby Grace get here already!

I should've taken a picture of her closet. My friend, Jessi, came over & got me organized. Grace has TONS of adorable clothes! Too much pink if you ask her daddy...
Andrew & I are getting really excited & nervous...I think that's normal, right? As much as I'm done with being pregnant, I might need her her to just stay put where it's safe for awhile longer. I have a feeling she won't come any too early...but who can really tell. 36 weeks today and counting!
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