Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Times!

Jessi & I braved all day shopping with 2 infants & a 3 yr. old! Are we crazy?! It was so much fun & not nearly as stressful as we thought...might do it again soon.

Isn't this hilarious? I was putting away groceries and Grace was helping. I went to put something away in the bathroom & she turned to see where I was going! I know, I aren't suppose to put the Bumbo on top of counters...I won't when she can actually get out of it, I promise...and I know, I know...probably shouldn't leave the room with her in it either. Am I the worst mom out there?

Aunt Erika, Ellie, & Jake came over to see Grace last weekend. (Papaw in the background!)
We went on a stroller walk with Murphy...lovin' the spring weather!

Gettin' to be good friends!

Monday, March 16, 2009

3 Months Old

10 weeks

12 weeks

It was warm for a day or two...70+ we took Murph & Grace for a stroll...very next day it was 35 degrees!

Grace loves surfin' the net with Daddy!

Go Illini!

All ready for church

Hats make me happy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st Play Group

Oh boy, oh boy did we have a good time yesterday!?! Such fun! It was our first play group with Molly, Cy, Jess, Josh, & Grace...and Emily, Mo (Jessi's mom who watches Cy), Brooke, Jessi, and me. We had a blast!

Naptime for Grace

Naptime for Jess

Naptime for Josh

Eatin' time for Molly

Kickin' Time for Grace

We posed the babies for a few pictures. Cy absolutely HATED it! Molly is modeling, Jess is sound asleep, & the rest of the crew were just confused!

We put the babies in birth order...Molly--5 months, Cy--3.5+ months, Grace--3 months, Jess--2.5 months, & Joshua--1 month

Now Joshua is hating it... Note: Jess...still asleep! Molly...still posing!

It's not funny that Cy was crying...but how funny is this picture...I've got girls on either side of me...WAH!!!

Best friends share a moment on a blanket.

It's really cool to see all these babies at different stages. We are all impressed with Molly who can roll over... Can't wait for next month (okay...maybe I can...Grace is acting way too big too soon)...
Can you imagine having this many babies at once?! OR more?!! Crazy!

I just love being Grace's mom!