Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tara's Baby Shower

Miss Tara had her baby shower Saturday before Easter. Josh & Tara are getting excited to welcome their new baby boy this June. His name is Noah...and from the 4D sonogram pictures he apparently looks like Josh.

Tara and Maggie met me today for lunch...oh so nice... Tara is looking & feeling great. And Maggie is on Spring Break this week.
I've been wanting to cut my hair...not too short...just some sorta style. So...we randomly got my hair cut during my lunch hour (um...and 1/2)... I was home for ~5 minutes before Andrew noticed...granted he was busy folding laundry when I walked in the door... He asked if I was sad he didn't notice sooner...Um, No...just keep on a foldin'! :)

Okay, I know...very busy picture...but for all you Gracelanders... Marla Martin (Gabe's wife) is also expecting and she's sitting over towards the kitchen in the black shirt... She's adorable pregnant.

I try to post some pix of my new hair.
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Race fans...Julie & Jon, Emily & Andrew, Jessi & Alex

10 rows up from the start/finish...hear them engines roar!

Personally, I didn't really get Nascar from just watching it on t.v...they go around in a circle...what's the big deal.... BUT! After seeing the cars go 180 mph inches from each other, I've got a whole new appreciation for it. It was really fun. Andrew's driver is 1 Martin Truex , Jr. and Jon's is 07 Clint Boyer. I've decided that 9 Kasey Kahne is going to be my driver. He seems like a nice guy!

We didn't realize how pasty-white our skin has gotten over the winter. None of us wore any we are R-E-D, RED! Andrew doesn't look nearly as goofy as me and my Rudolph nose. Great...very professional...
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Georgia Aquarium

Georgia? Yes, Georgia! We had planned a trip to Michigan to see Alex & Jessi...But who wants to go north at this time of the year? Andrew called Alex and said, "Let's go to the Nascar race in Atlanta!" and Alex said, "Awesome! We'll fly down tomorrow!"...This was on Tuesday of last week. Then Andrew thought...let's get Jon & Julie to come too. So he called Jon and Jon said, "Sweet, dude...We're there!" And all the ladies said, "Are you guys crazy?...(answer, yes)...Don't leave us at home!"

So, we drove down on Friday and meet Alex & Jessi in Atlanta. They had been there since Wednesday. We just relaxed, ate our fill at Famous Dave's and saw a movie. Saturday we went to the aquarium and hit Bass Pro...and then met up with Jon & Julie for dinner. Sunday was all about the race (I'll post some pictures)...

Atlanta has the largest aquarium in the world! (at least that's what Andrew keeps telling people...I think he read it just take my word for it) It was cool to see all these underwater creatures so close.

These were taken in this tunnel...they swim right on top of you!
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

More of Theodore

He's a growin'! Mom would NOT let me get close to him...I just wanted to pet him a little! Wouldn't you?

This is Katie...Miss Sheep Dog...

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New Baby Lamb!

Meet Theodore
Oh, so sweet! He's the newest member of the Schwengel Family. I'm the one who named him, has not been approved by Farmer we'll see if it sticks. I'm tellin' ya, lambs are so darn cute...minus the afterbirth...yucky.

Theodore and his mommy!

Apparently there are several more lambs to be born...Spring is in the air!
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