Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7 Months Old

Shrinking Hippo!!!

Busy, Busy!

Thanks for the cute outfit Great Aunt Marla!

Great Grandma Hall & Grace

Cousins: Lexi, Keagan, Grace & Ethan

Monday, July 13, 2009

"I Can Do Stuff..."

Support my favorite team...

Celebrate the 4th of July...

Make new silly faces...

Make lots of messes...

Hang out with Grandma...

Pull up on everything...

Drink from a sippy cup...

Surf the internet with Daddy...

Oh, Yes...Grace can do lots of things. She is a wild woman...crawling, climbing, and getting into all kinds of fun. She is still very, very sweet & happy. Sleeping has been horrible...I hear that happens when we learn new tricks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So much to say, so much to say...

Lots of updates! We have been so stinkin' busy! Biggest blessing: Andrew got a J-O-B...he'll be working in Centralia at the prison. The job requires a 6wk training period in Springfield...so he's been gone during the weeks & home on the weekends. We do not like for Daddy to be gone...but are doing fine.

Tara & Noah came over several weeks ago to visit. He is now 1 year old!

Grace is extremely mobile now...not exactly crawling but super close. Her crib has since been lowered but here is her best attempts at pulling up.

Something was wrong with the camera...but this outfit was too cute to pass up a picture...thanks Jacque!

Grace spent a couple of days "up north" at Brush Creek & Grandma & Grandpas. We missed her like crazy.

Here she is taking her first walk across the bridge!

I love this picture of Ellie & Grace.

The cousins: Jake, Ellie, & Grace

The Girls! Loved seeing Aunt Dolores!!!

Andrew & I picked Grace up from BC & headed to Champaign area for camping with the Seelman's & Schwengel family reunion (which I have no pictures of). It was so much fun to camp...little hot but tons of fun...oh, and there was a huge storm...just added to the excitement!

Grace & her Magaw. Ann keeps her 2 days a week & they have good times together. We really appreciate her!

Whoops! A little on the late side...This is Grace at 6.5 months old. Getting so big! She had her shots today & check up...16.4oz. (50%), 27in. (80%).