Monday, September 24, 2007

Love Being Married!

Our friend, Tammy Austin, (SWEETHEART) took over 500 photos of our wedding weekend. Thank you, thank you...Here's a random sampling.

Moments before Andrew's surprise bagpiper blew! :)

Miss Ellie Joe...taking her Jr. Bridesmaid job very seriously. She looked so beautiful. Love that girl...

The moms lighting the family candles.

Phil Vaughan, CHRIS STUCK!!!, & Chris Powell
Why the excitement about Mr. Stuck? Haven't seen him in YEARS...He's been in Korea for the past 3 I hear that he is home for good!

Emily Donnelson, Maid of Honor & The Bridesmaids...Tara Zettler, Jacque Bridgeman, & Amy Moreland

My beautiful, fabulous mom! And Matron of honor, Deb her! precious! Jon, Andrew, & Ann...

Handsome boys...

Jake, Ellie, & Vivian

Jake & Erika...Jake did such a good job...He's so fun to be around.

More Brush Creek Buds! Erica Barnett & Chad Harris

Proud parents of the groom!

Tired Father of the Bride! Ha!

Nathan Meagher & Collin Duke...Don't you know Collin?

Day before the the courthouse...Oh, so happy!

We are seriously having so much fun being married. It's a completely different feeling...We love it! It was hard for us to go back to normal life today though...

Monday, September 17, 2007

We Did It!!!

Our wedding day was so much fun! I love, love, loved it! So many people came from so far away. We heard over and over what cool friends and family we have. Andrew & I felt very blessed and full of joy. We are enjoying our honeymoon now...Just wanted to share a few photos...a preview should be up soon on our photographers website (link at the side).
We're MARRIED!!!!