Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Old Baby

Well, time is slowly ticking away...Murph's days of being our baby are numbered. He's been awful whiny lately...I think he knows something's up. (by the way, he hated being held like that)

We went to the Doc today (37 weeks) and no change from last week...no dilation, 50% effaced...everything looks good. I have a feeling this baby is going to make me wait for her. Andrew's prediction is the 21st (one week overdue)...thanks, Honey. Mine is the 16th...2 days overdue. I've been feeling pretty good during the day...but then as soon as I try to go to sleep...instantly nauseated. Yes, folks, that's right...huggin' the toilet again. So, yes, I'm definitely countin' down the days for Miss Grace's birth day.

Hope all is well with you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

She Can Come Now!

After lots of work & organizing...I think we're ready! Baby Grace get here already!

I should've taken a picture of her closet. My friend, Jessi, came over & got me organized. Grace has TONS of adorable clothes! Too much pink if you ask her daddy...
Andrew & I are getting really excited & nervous...I think that's normal, right? As much as I'm done with being pregnant, I might need her her to just stay put where it's safe for awhile longer. I have a feeling she won't come any too early...but who can really tell. 36 weeks today and counting!
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Flora Baby Shower

Great Aunt Marla, Grandma Seelman, Great Grandma Hall, Momma, & Magaw

35 weeks last weekend

Landrey & Courtney

Baby Caine (Erin's baby boy)

Logan (Tracy's now 3 year old)

Grant (Janna's baby boy)

Jack (Erin's big boy)

Lindy & Caine Erin & Juli

Cousin Helen & Aunt Susan

Nancy, Janna & Grant

Erin & Jack

Tracy & I

Lindy & Caine

Jacque & Reagan

The Crew: Hayley, Emily (& Grace), Janna & Grant, Courtney & Landrey, Erin & Jack & Caine, Lindy, Juli, Tracy & Logan, Jacque & Reagan

Monday, November 3, 2008

Grace is SPOILED!

Ann, Erika, & Tammy threw me a baby shower yesterday at Debby's house...and it was spectacular!!! So sweet and thoughtful. The details these girls put into it...so cool. Notice all the cute little outfits hanging in the windows.

Erika's family got us our Pack 'N Play (& so much more!) and Jon & Ann had this cradle made for Grace by the Amish. Isn't it gorgeous!?! Another special thing they got her (along with a zillion cute outfits) was a baby bracelet & baby ring with her birthstone.

One of the outfits hanging (not in this picture) was a camouflage dress for daddy...and a U of I dress.

The guests! All you G-landers...Marla Martin & Mohria Martin

G-landers: Marilyn Morris, Maggie Morris-Davis, Emmalee Forth, & Tara Zettler

The Vancil/Trinkle crew!

Not the best picture...but that little rocking horse right there was mine when I was a little girl. It has my name painted on it & my mom painted Grace on the other side! I cried...how special!

This was such a cute idea...they had some poem about letting the laundry wait...and all the clothes were strung together on a clothesline.

What a wonderful shower!?! She got so many nice things. And another shower next weekend in Flora! This baby is SPOILED!