Sunday, August 31, 2008


We had a cookout Saturday...lots of my girlies from Flora came down to Du Quoin for the first time and our favorite friends from DuQ came over too. The state fair has been here all week so we went for a bit. Court & Erin were the only brave ones who rode a ride...'ole preggo here couldn't...but I sure put down the cotton candy! My friend, Katrina, from Minnesota flew down for the long weekend. We were roommates in optometry school and have missed each other so much. Overall, good times were had.

Caden, Sam & John

Court & Landrey

Erin, Juli, Lindy, & Hayley

Matt, RT, & Sara

Andrew & Kenadie, John & Jessi

Kenadie is our practice baby girl...Andrew has made huge advances with this little one. She used to SCREAM every time he got close to her. Now they are buds.

Katrina & I

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ellie's Reaction

This was Ellie's reaction to the news that her baby cousin was, in fact, a girl. My mom captured it on her camera and I just got a copy for myself. Isn't it great! I wish we had a picture of Jake's face...I'm pretty sure he did a half-eye roll. :)

I'll post the baby's name case you are still unscrambling! :) My brother's were the best...just in case you come up with these too...they are wrong... Carly Reagun...nope....Angela Curry...also a no... He finally settled on the correct names. Angela Curry???
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby's Room

Our baby girl has some of her new bedding. I feel in love with the Pottery Barn Kids Penelope bedding...all those green & pink polka dots & stripes...and I really tried to like something less expensive...but by golly, I've got expensive taste! I decided that the little birds weren't really what I loved about this collection. So I ordered the crib bumper, crib skirt, and rug...didn't get the blanket or crib sheets. My mom is planning on making a blanket/quilt? and I surely can find some crib sheets to match.

The only thing that has been delivered is the crib bumper and it makes me so happy! We went to Lowe's and picked out paint for the room...a green that matches called Lettuce Alone...which also makes me happy. (looks like my emotions have been on a rollercoaster lately, huh?) Can't wait for the rest to arrive...and to see that paint on the wall...hint, hint, Andrew! :)

Oh, and it seems that we are telling the baby's name...which I didn't really want to at first...but I'm horrible at secrets...horrible. And it's driving Andrew nuts...because I keep saying when anyone asks, "Are we telling, honey?"...His sick of my going back & forth...So, I'll list all of the letters in her first and middle name and if you can unscramble them, you can know! Email me if you would like to know if you are correct! Oh, and the middle name may not be a standard spelling...but not crazy or anything! Good luck!


Well, now...doesn't that look pretty!

Miss Ellie

I'm a little late on the birthday post...but Ellie Joe turned 10 on the 10th...a golden birthday! She had an Olympic themed birthday party...which I think is so cool. We talked about the fact that she would be 14 before the next Olympics...which I thought was scary...and then she said the baby would be almost 4 by then and that really freaked me out!

Side note: I'm feeling much better...bumps have scabbed over and are going way...whatever they were. We had a nice relaxing weekend...lots of visiting with friends and seeing babies...they are everywhere!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Not chicken pox...most likely. The PA said it just looked like a rash but they are running the blood work to make sure I have antibodies. So...Praise God!
I still feel like crap so I'm taking the day off. Just what I wanted to do on a day off...feel like crap! And what do you know...I've puked 4x since coming home from the doctor.
Oh, the joys!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay...So, a couple of weeks ago a girl that I work with broke out with chicken pox. She had them as a child but was exposed and got them a second time. She took off work while I was at her office...which was nice...but I had worked with her during her incubation period (10-20 days). So, now...I've got a really raw throat, fever, and these little bumps on my belly. I called my doctor (which I had done 2 wks ago when she told me...and they said as long as I had had pox when I was little I would be fine...I only had 8 pox as a baby...8...EIGHT) and they want me to be seen tomorrow am for blood work and checked out.

A little hard to see...but there's about 10 of them...they aren't blistered...but they look like they could.

Ignore my stretch marks. (not from pregnancy...just those extra 25 Freshman pounds!)

Any thoughts?! I read that after 20 weeks the risk to the baby is minimal if it is chicken pox...But I don't want any risks! Not to MY baby! Help!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Nathan & Christy were married in Las Vegas on August 1st. We flew out for all the fun. We traveled with good friends Nathan & much fun!

Above photos taken at The Melting Pot...ummm...

Yes...pregnant in Vegas...

The new Mr. & Mrs. Meagher!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick Update

Life has been extremely busy at the Schwengel house. We took a trip to Vegas for our friend, Nathan's wedding...and then went to a rodeo during the week...and this weekend redid the flooring in the kitchen, laundry, & bathroom. Needless to say, we are exhausted! I've got lots of pictures to post but no time or energy to post right's a 22 week picture...she's a growin'!
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