Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Grandma's 90th Birthday, Veteran's Day, & Fun with Family

Boo who...Grace just isn't a baby anymore. It makes me so sad...but this little girl she is turning into is so wonderful. She has such a joyful spirit...she knows how to make everyone smile back at her...what a gift!

My dear Grandma Hall turned 90 years old on November 3rd. This was a birthday to celebrate!
She is still in very good health and sure has her wits about her...can't slip anything past her. I was joking about Grace looking like an old woman when she walks and my Grandma said, "Now, Emily, I heard that!" Whoops!

This is my Grandma's brother, Dale. He is 94 I believe. Amazing!

Ellie asked Andrew to come speak to her class on Veteran's Day. Her school had a big lunch & decorated the school from head to toe ( to gymnasium?). He did a great job!

Grace has the best Aunt Erika. She is just in love with Grace...and I believe the feelings are mutual.... :)

Don't cha just love fall?!

Halloween 2009

Halloween was tons-o-fun! Grace was a pumpkin and wore my costume...from when I was a little girl. How fun is that? She loved prancing around in her little cape & stem hat. I'll post a couple of videos of her...they are sideways...oh well! We went up to Champaign for the weekend & attended a splendid Halloween party with Aunt Sharon & Uncle Phil & Cousins Ron & Lorri. Valerie, Natalie & Oliver AND new baby Sofia were there. So cute! We had such a good time!