Friday, January 21, 2011

Nana Sue

Nana Sue watches Grace every Wednesday. She has been a part of Grace's life since July 2010...and we love her! She takes such good care of our wild woman...Sue is a bit of a wild woman herself, you know. :)


Grace is such a good helper in the kitchen. Her best skills are dumping, stirring, and sprinkling. :) We made cupcakes the other day simply because...oh, and I might have had a hankerin' for something sweet.


Snow Day

We had a great day today...didn't get out of our jammies all day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

Ann, Erika, Ellie, & I all went for manicures on New Years Eve. It was Ann & Ellie's first! We had a good time visiting and pampering. I'd like to say the boys got to do something equally manly as manicures are girly...but alas, they were at home babysitting & playing.

We did meet back up with the rest of the crew to eat dinner & play games. We laughed a whole lot...probably most of the laughter came from pure exhaustion and some because this family is silly! Chiloma will forever be in the Schwengel vocabulary...meaning, "The aroma chili makes as it is being cooked"...really?! In case you were wondering...chiloma is actually the upper lip of a camel.
Happy New Year 2011!

The Schwengel Family Christmas

Tuesday night was Christmas at the Schwengels! Joe, Erika, Ellie, & Jake, Tammy, Magaw & Papaw were all there. It was pure chaos with all the unwrapping & screaming with delight!
Santa's Helpers

GaGa always there with C-A-N-D-Y!

Getting way too good at unwrapping presents!

Ann & her new watch

Jon & his new watch

SILLY BANDS! (are they that silly, really?)

Grace got some of the coolest play food. All "Melissa & Doug"...highly recommend it. One set was a pizza with velcro removable toppings & slices, a food groups set, and a cutting board set...she loves it the most because all the food is "cuttable" (velcroed together). We've cut lots of food the past couple of days!

"Lemon, Tammy?"

Jon, Tammy, Erika, & Joe


Jake, hands down, wins the best reaction to a Christmas present this year. He went absolutely nutso over this RC racing car we got him. He shook, he stammered, he screamed, and fell to the ground. Gracie asked him, "You okay, Jake?" Priceless!

Daddy & Grace lovin' on her new baby doll. He's a natural! :)

Jake & his gianormous monkey! I wonder where he sat on the way back to Nebraska?!

New high chair for baby & diaper bag

Papaw got Gracie a whole bunch of new animals to go in the play barn. She loves those little animals...they go in the barn and outta the the barn, outta the barn...

Grace eating chocolate or as she says, "Cocklate". The hair bow was made by cousin Ellie...adorable! She is so talented!

Family Picture

Grace & her Magaw

Grace & Ellie
a bit too much "cocklate"

The Seelman Family Christmas

We travelled up to Flora on Sunday for the Seelman Christmas. Uncle Dave, Aunt Marla, Uncle John, Aunt Sara, Great Grandma, Grandma, and Papa were there.

First activity: Helicopter flying...makes us all giggle!

On with the presents!

Illini's biggest fan: Ruth Hall

Grace helped everyone open their presents.

Every year Andrew gets more tools from my parents. They love to work outside and keep busy with projects...never a restful day. Andrew hates projects and prefers restful days...He loves his Christmas presents from the in-laws!

Grandma made Grace an apron to wear while she's cooking in her new kitchen.

A PILLOW PET! We've been talking about Pillow Pets for months now and she finally has one! That darn commercial!

Grandma & Papa also got Grace a shiny new red tricycle. She has shortened it to just "cycle"...this summer should be fun!

Aunt Sara, Grace. & Uncle John

Grandma, Grace, & Papa

The Schwengels

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent at our house. Gracie woke up at a normal time...yes, how much longer can we enjoy that? We told her that it was Jesus' Birthday...this she understood...Birthday=Presents & Party.
She really wanted to open the big present first but we saved it for last.

Books go here...bows go here...wrapping paper here...very systematic.

Finally, the BIG present...a kitchen!

Grace got to help Murphy open his presents.

Then we had a delicious brunch with Grandma, Papa, & Great Grandma and Magaw, Papaw, & Tammy. Seriously ate too much!

Clean up crew

Such fun!



Great Grandma Hall

Great Grandma Hall Wii Bowling! :)

It was so nice to just be together on Christmas...anxiously awaiting our siblings arrivals to Illinois to celebrate with them.