Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Schwengel's September

On Grandparent's Day, Grace & I met Grandma & Papa at Mt. Vernon's park.

Grace had a blast!

Then we went over to Magaw & Papaw's to see them. Grace & Magaw like to sweep together.

We traveled up to Flora for the ever famous Appleknocker festival. She pet the goats & bunnies, made her hand-print, got a balloon doggie and her face painted.

John & Sara were also home for the weekend. We had a good time outside.

Grace is just so much fun. Her personality is wonderful (I know...biased). She is saying all kinds of things... "What's happening?", "I wanna pickle...a pickle", "I wanna taney...a taney (candy)", She responds to a question with "I do!" or "I don't", Whenever she has something...say crayons or a snack...she wants to make sure everyone else in the room has some too...very giving girl. We both died laughing tonight during her bath...she's so avoid getting out of the tub she has to go "swimming" while the water runs out. She still isn't a big eater...although she'd eat herself sick on pickles and olives.

Andrew is one busy guy. He is working full time as dispatch for SIU police and taking a couple of classes from John A. His schedule is dumb...classy word, I know...but it is. He has Wed. & Thurs. off (which are 2 of my work days) and works 3-11pm Fri, Sat, Sun...and 11pm-7am Mon. & Tues...yuck & it gets worse...class Tues. morning after an all night shift and then class twice on Thursday, conveniently 9hrs apart! So, needless to say, we barely see each other but try to make the most of the time we have. And I'm sure all of you who are hunter's wives's bow season...

My pregnancy coming along, I suppose...16 weeks today. Still haven't officially felt the baby kick...but I'm ready for it! My "evening" sickness is much better...hopefully gone for good. I have an appointment on Tuesday. We should set up an ultrasound for the end of Oct. or early Nov. I will update then!