Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Play Group & New Activities

We had play group yesterday! Cy came a little late for pictures...but Jess, Josh, Molly, & Grace were all smiles (for the most part). We love play group! It's so nice to spend a day with Grace away from home...no laundry or cleaning done...just playin'!

We are a growin'! Joshua--2.5 months, Jess--3.75 months, Grace--4 months, Molly--6.25 months

First time in the Jenny Jump Up! :) New found independence!

This video was taken over Easter's at Grandma's house. She has to kick to make it light up & play music. Ohhhh...so much fun!

Grace has been sleeping all night long! Five nights & counting...she goes to bed at 8:30 & doesn't wake up until 6:00-7:00. YES!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4 month Fun

Poor Murph...This is his only view of his former inside world. We really do feel sorry for him & try to include him as much as possible...

Big Stuff here sittin' in my high chair...we're going to try cereal this week. Should be interesting! She's been watching us eat so much more lately...& grabbing at everything!

4 month picture with the shrinking hippo

So...the video...Grace is starting to laugh & talk so much more... we wanted to capture it on video...and this is what happened. If you have a weak stomach you might want to pass.... Might have been too early in the morning for clapping!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grace's First Easter

We had a nice Easter weekend with friends & family. I didn't get any pictures from Magaw & Papaw's...but here are the pictures from Grandma & Grandpa's. You'll notice she's eating her hands in nearly every photo...no teeth yet!

Great Grandma Ruth

Great Aunt Susan & Great Aunt Chris

Grandma & Grandpa with Grace

Little Bunny Wabbit

She's sitting in her Easter basket!

She went today for her 4 month Dr. visit. She got more shots...which is just awful! Her weight was 13lbs. 7oz. (50%) and 25in. (75%). She's been asleep all day...just up to eat. Poor baby girl...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Grace

Just can't get enough of her! :) Notice she has gone BALD!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Dedication

Grace was dedicated at church on Sunday. Her Magaw, Papaw, Uncle Joe, Aunt Erika, Cousin Ellie, & Cousin Jake came to see her. What a special girl!

A family photo!

Grace is such a sweet girl. She doesn't seem to like restaurants anymore. Way too much going on & not enough attention on her. She has gotten into a great bedtime routine...in her crib asleep by 9:00 or earlier & sleeps through the night with the occational pacifier panic around 3:00 ...then up around 5:30 to eat & back to sleep until 7:00. I can handle that! Her naps during the day are hit & miss...she usually gets a long 3 hr. early afternoon nap & little cat naps here & there. She's eating around 5oz. in her bottle with Magaw & Babysitter Sara. She's been on a bit of a bottle strike...but eventually will eat without mommy.

Just because I keep getting questions: I'm working 3 days a week...my leg (blood clot leg) aches after I work or exercise which is to be expected. I'm still on Coumadin & we're having a really difficult time getting my blood thin enough. I started out on like 5mg every other day...now I'm up to 8mg everyday. Who knows...the blood clot is stable & they aren't worried about it at all. So...I'm not either! Who has the time to worry anyway?! Sure doesn't help!

Update on Andrew: Still job searching...lots of opportunities just none happening right this second. He's still working ridiculous hours at the jail & filling out applications for police officer positions as well as prison correctional officer jobs. We are confident that the right job will come along at the right time & the right location. Just wish that right job, right time, & right location would reveal itself ASAP! :)

Poor Murphy is still living in the garage & backyard. He's happy as can be...doesn't seem too upset with this new arrangement. I'm sure we'll let him back in at some point. Grace is just so small and Murphy is just so big!